Le Petit Robert

Le Petit Robert

Book Title: Le Petit Robert

Author: Oxford Dictionaries

Format: Hardback | 2880 pages

Publication Date: 04 Aug 2008

ISBN-13: 9780007285884

The new Petit Robert of the French Language is a dictionary of current usage, ideal for advanced learners of French. This French monolingual dictionary is updated on an annual basis by the editorial team at Dictionnaires Le Robert, who keep a close watch on the French language, monitoring, recording and choosing new words and expressions, and - even more tricky - tracking changes in meaning of existing words. Le Petit Robert covers the whole French-speaking world, particularly the French of Belgium, Luxembourg, Africa, Canada and the West Indies. This 2009 edition includes the very latest French words such as "audiolivre", "blogosphere", "vote electronique", "baladodiffusion". "Le Petit Robert" has a clear, easy-to-use layout, allowing the user faster access and improved comprehension. It is the indispensable reference work for translators, interpreters, business people, language teachers and serious students of French.