HarperCollins Robert French Unabridged Dictionary

HarperCollins Robert French Unabridged Dictionary

Book Title: HarperCollins Robert French Unabridged Dictionary

Author: Lonely Planet

Format: Hardback | 2363 pages

Publication Date: 01 Aug 2005

ISBN-13: 9780060748937

The HarperCollins Robert is simply the best French dictionary you can buy. Here's why:

With more than 820,000 completely revised and updated entries and translations, the HarperCollins Robert offers complete coverage of contemporary terms in business, technology, politics, culture, and medicine. The HarperCollins Robert is the most comprehensive single-volume French-English dictionary available.

Consistently Updated: The HarperCollins Robert is compiled in conjunction with the leading dictionary publisher in France and updated on a regular basis. The dictionary is highly praised for its accuracy, especially in the notoriously slippery area of French slang. More colloquial usage than any other French-English dictionary: The HarperCollins Robert places emphasis on current French and English, extensive cross-referencing, and has an in-depth guide to usage of idioms and phrases. More effective guidance: The HarperCollins Robert contains a seventy-six-page "Language in Use" section designed to facilitate self-expression in the foreign language and a comprehensive system of style labels that identifies whether a word is formal, informal, literary, vulgar, dated, or euphemistic.