French Verb Drills

French Verb Drills

Book Title: French Verb Drills

Author: Annie Heminway

Format: Paperback | 176 pages

Publication Date: 01 Jan 2004

ISBN-13: 9780071420877

This work offers the shortest route to mastering verb conjugations. One of the greatest challenges in learning a language is mastering verb conjugations. The books in the unique "Language Verb Drill" series make it easier than ever for learners to meet that challenge. Drilling, whether it's for learning a musical instrument, a sport, or a language, is an essential part of a sound education because repeated, concentrated practice makes specialized skills become second nature. Unlike most verb books, which tend to concentrate on tables of conjugations, the books in the "Language Verb Drills" series allow students to focus exclusively on building mastery of verbs without being distracted by other elements of grammar. Combining the features of a workbook and reference manual, they clearly and systematically explain how a verb system works while providing numerous drills for practice. These revised editions of the popular study guides now include a final review section to reinforce the reader's ability to automatically select the correct verb form.