Encore Tricolore: Cassette 2 Stage 4

Encore Tricolore: Cassette 2 Stage 4

Book Title: Encore Tricolore: Cassette 2 Stage 4

Author: Louie Stowell

Format: Audio cassette

Publication Date: 21 Jan 1999

ISBN-13: 9780174398479

Building on the "Tricolore" series, this French language course combines familiar material and learning styles with a structured approach to the National Curriculum. It is compatible with "Tricolore", and is intended to prepare students fully for GCSE and National Curriculum Stage 4 tests and Standard Grade. These cassettes, which offer up-to-date authentic spoken material, combine a communicative approach with a clear structural and grammatical progression. The activities and exercises, including dictionary work and language awareness items build up skills of individual and group work. Each unit starts with learning objectives and concludes with a summary section.