French Dictionary and Grammar

French Dictionary and Grammar

Book Title: French Dictionary and Grammar

Author: Oxford Dictionaries

Format: Paperback | 806 pages

Publication Date: 01 Aug 1995

ISBN-13: 9780198645290

This dictionary and grammar guide to French is a complete reference to the French language. It has been designed to meet the needs of tourists, students and business people alike, both beginners and advanced learners. It offers extensive guidance to the meaning and use of over 48,000 words and phrases, while the grammar offers coverage on the construction of the language. There are explanations of the differences between spoken and written French as well as up-to-date information on colloquial and technical words. There are separate sections on: word order; prepositions; punctuation; and translation problems with example sentences showing words in use. It is intended for students, teachers and anyone needing a reference to the French language.