The Compact Oxford-Hachette French Dictionary

The Compact Oxford-Hachette French Dictionary

Book Title: The Compact Oxford-Hachette French Dictionary

Author: Oxford Dictionaries

Format: Paperback | 1024 pages

Publication Date: 01 Nov 1995

ISBN-13: 9780198645351

"The Compact Oxford French Dictionary" is a unique new reference tool for learners of the French language. It is designed exclusively for the native English-speaking learner, offering the clearest and most comprehensive guidance possible in the use of the foreign language. The English-French side of the Dictionary guides the reader to the correct translation and grammatical construction of the foreign language, while the French-English side offers comprehensive coverage of the essential vocabulary of current French. Its features include: based on the highly acclaimed "Oxford-Hachette French Dictionary" (1994); 110,000 words and phrases; 200,000 translations; thousands of example sentences taken from real speech and written sources; and boxed usage notes dealing with areas such as numbers, age, time, countries...