Analyse Linguistique de la Langue Francaise

Analyse Linguistique de la Langue Francaise

Book Title: Analyse Linguistique de la Langue Francaise

Author: Henriette Walter

Format: Paperback | 258 pages

Publication Date: 15 Jul 2006

ISBN-13: 9780300109443

Analyse linguistique de la langue francaise provides a complete examination of the French language, in French, at a level appropriate for non-native speakers and non-linguists. It introduces readers to linguistic analysis, using modern French as its target of study, and covering the linguistic subfields of phonetics, phonology, morphology, syntax, and semantics. It provides self-check questions and could easily be used for self-learning by an individual or by students in a classroom setting.

Analyse linguistique strives to present all concepts from the bottom up, assuming no prior knowledge of linguistics, and includes a glossary of terms to aid non-linguists. It is these elements that distinguish it from other books in the field, which are often written for native speakers and are sometimes inaccessible to students of the language, or which assume a background in linguistics that not all readers have. In addition, the book includes exercises placed strategically throughout each chapter, which allow the reader to verify his/her comprehension of each concept before moving on to the next topic.