Charles Baudelaire: The Complete Verse

Charles Baudelaire: The Complete Verse

Book Title: Charles Baudelaire: The Complete Verse

Author: Charles Baudelaire

Format: Hardback | 472 pages

Publication Date: 28 Aug 2012

ISBN-13: 9780856464263

'Les Fleurs du mal' (1861) was the first great modern work of poetry and one of the few books of poems to become an international bestseller. This edition contains all of Baudelaire's poetry in verse with Francis Scarfe's scrupulous and inventive prose translations at the foot of the pages. Together with his detailed and authoritative introduction, this presentation makes an ideal edition both for the student and for the general reader who wishes to tackle the French original with a reliable prose guide at hand. The companion volume, 'Paris Blues', contains Baudelaire's prose poems ('Le Spleen de Paris' or 'Petits Poemes en prose') and the short novel 'La Fanfarlo' (1847), a charming extravaganza written in his early twenties.