France ROC 1: 1 : Bourgogne/Burgundy

France ROC 1: 1 : Bourgogne/Burgundy

Book Title: France ROC 1: 1 : Bourgogne/Burgundy

Author: Robert Macfarlane

Format: Paperback | 320 pages

Publication Date: 28 Mar 2014

ISBN-13: 9781873665169

This title is the first in a series of 6 books, which will include every non-alpine sport climb, across the whole of mainland France. This region in central France is a rock climber's paradise. The limestone found in the soil, which allows fabulous vines to flourish, appears in a more challenging nature - as majestic cliffs, rising vertically above the vineyards. Granite spires and cliffs between the giant fir trees are there to be discovered in the Morvan National Park. The beautiful cliffs of the Saussois above the river Yonne are included, and also the spectacular Solutre & Vergisson near Macon. The area has a good climate for climbing all year round, making it an excellent holiday venue or stop off point en-route to the South or the Alps. It features 4200 climbing routes - all of the 50 climbing venues in Bourgogne. It features ultra modern graphics and photos of exceptional quality. It is colour coded to suit beginner to expert (green-blue-red-black). It is ideal for the transition from indoor climbing to outdoor climbing. It is a bi-lingual guidebook.