Surrealist, Lover, Resistant : Collected Poems

Surrealist, Lover, Resistant : Collected Poems

Book Title: Surrealist, Lover, Resistant : Collected Poems

Author: Robert Desnos

Format: Hardback | 450 pages

Publication Date: 30 Apr 2017

ISBN-13: 9781906570958

This extensive and wide-ranging selection is taken from three collections of the poetry of one of France's most exciting writers of the twentieth century, the surrealist Robert Desnos. Hailed as the 'prophet' of the Surrealist movement by Andre Breton, Desnos was a hugely influential figure across all art forms at the time, and yet today his work is completely underrepresented in the English language. The present volume of nearly 300 poems seeks to redress the balance, moving from youthful, light-hearted material to full-blown surrealism, from poems full of anguish and torment to delightful love poetry, and from whimsical, humorous verses to some of the great poem sequences of the Nazi Occupation period when Desnos was an active resistant.