Le Pater

Le Pater

Book Title: Le Pater

Author: Tomoko Sato

Format: Paperback | 60 pages

Publication Date: 28 Feb 2018

ISBN-13: 9782012004542

At that time I felt that my life was somewhere else, a little higher. I was looking for a way to spread light that would illuminate even the most remote places. Our Father. Why not give these words a pictorial expression? This is how Alfons Mucha described the genesis of this book, which he considered one of his most accomplished achievements. The Pater is an illustration of the prayer of Our Father. Published in Paris in 1899, it is a message sent by the artist to future generations and a true bibliophile masterpiece. Beautiful floral decorations, illuminations typical of the Art Nouveau movement, allegorical engravings, all imbued with a strong Masonic symbolism, mark out this sumptuous opus.