French Military Headgear

French Military Headgear

Book Title: French Military Headgear

Author: Laurent Mirouze

Format: Paperback | 84 pages

Publication Date: 01 Dec 2012

ISBN-13: 9782352502418

Illustrating the great variety of headgear worn by French soldiers, this new edifying book will help us to understand the evolution of this headgear from 1870 to the present day.

This panorama of more than 250 headpieces concentrates mainly on the Kepi, the emblematic hat worn by the army, but also illustrates the variety of shakos, bi-corns, caps, chechias and berets, as well as airmen's and sailors'caps, not to forget the Gendarmerie.

This guide is indispensable for all amateurs of French uniforms, collectors, figurine makers and amateurs of military history. For the connoisseurs, this work will also be an opportunity to discover a lot of rare headpieces, or even very rare ones from the great private and public collections.

French Language