Lynne Cohen : False Clues

Lynne Cohen : False Clues

Book Title: Lynne Cohen : False Clues

Author: Paul Barbera

Format: Paperback | 72 pages

Publication Date: 11 Apr 2013

ISBN-13: 9782551253623

This is a gorgeously illustrated overview of the distinctive photographs of Lynne Cohen. Since the early 1970s, Cohen has been using a box camera to photograph "found" interior spaces, always empty of occupants, which the works' titles usually do not specifically identify. Over the years, interiors and public or semi-public places - skating rinks, dance halls, hotel lobbies, men's clubs - have given way to more complex, less readily accessible environments, such as classrooms, science laboratories or military installations. Despite the sometimes disturbing nature of the places pictured, the artist underscores the humour, artifice and illusion that lie therein, documenting her "fascination with how the world echoes art." Punctuated with nearly two dozen full-colour plates, this publication features forty photographs by Lynne Cohen, most of them recently produced.