The Film Lovers New York

The Film Lovers New York

Book Title: The Film Lovers New York

Author: Barbara Boespflug

Format: Mixed media product | 160 pages

Publication Date: 07 May 2014

ISBN-13: 9782812309861

A great reason to visit the Big Apple Famous American films that are universally known QR codes to watch the film trailers with your tablet or smartphone Many of the greatest film-makers have used the beautiful and exciting city of New York, as a backdrop for their work. This guide takes in some of the most famous and some of the lesser-known locations in the city, neighbourhood by neighborhood to facilitate visits. This illustrated guide is completed by QR (quick response) codes to see all the film trailers, taking the reader to bars, restaurants, hotels, boutiques, galleries and theaters that have been used in films. The text includes anecdotes and fun ideas to discover New York as seen on the big screen. Includes the following: 87th to 72nd St W 83rd / Cafe Lalo - You've Got Mail; W 72nd / Dakota Hotel - Rosemary's Baby; 3rd Avenue / JG Melon Kramer vs.
Kramer 65th to 51st St 20 Lincoln Center Plaza / NY City Ballet Lincoln Center Black Swan; 5th Avenue / Tiffany & Co Breakfast at Tiffany's; Riverview Terrace Manhattan 50th to 33rd St Rockefeller Plaza / Roof Garden Rockefeller Center Spiderman; 5th Avenue E 42nd Street / New York Public Library The Day after Tomorrow 26th to 11th St W 23rd Street - Chelsea Hotel: Leon, the Professionnal, 9 1/2 Weeks Prince to Greenwich Broadway / Dean & Deluca Julie & Julia; Hudson Street / Bubby The Devil Wears Prada; Moore Street / Hook & Ladder 8 - Ghostbusters Brooklyn Court Street / Bookcourt - Eat, Pray, Love; Flatbush Avenue Extension / Junior's Sex and the City and many more...