Paparazzi : French Edition

Paparazzi : French Edition

Book Title: Paparazzi : French Edition

Author: Daniele Bott

Format: Hardback | 80 pages

Publication Date: 16 Nov 1998

ISBN-13: 9782843231032

Rome in the 50s was the hot spot for fashionable society events and scandals. The protagonists - aristocrats, actors and actresses - were at the top of the hit list of a new breed of photographers dubbed "paparazzi" after the photographer in "La Dolce Vita", to whom Fellini had given the name of an exceptionally inquisitive schoolfriend. These professional image-hunters turned their backs on the traditional posed and censored photograph, and in so doing produced photographs that, rather than illustrating the news, became the news. Their snapshots, and the scandals and revelations they caused, demonstrated for the first time that there was an eager public waiting to learn about their idols' private lives. This book takes a look at the beginning of the tenacious breed of photographers who have since become a permanent feature of our daily reality. Photographs are included of: Ingrid Bergman; Kim Novak; Walter Chiari; Brigitte Bardot; Marlene Dietrich; Liz Taylor; Richard Burton; Jane Mansfield; Anthony Steel; Anita Ekberg; Jacqueline Kennedy; and Romy Schneider.