Came A Yeux (drugs For Eyes) : 2004-2006

Came A Yeux (drugs For Eyes) : 2004-2006

Book Title: Came A Yeux (drugs For Eyes) : 2004-2006

Author: Todd James

Format: Hardback | 207 pages

Publication Date: 29 Oct 2009

ISBN-13: 9782859800086

Alxone: Came Yeux (Drug for Eyes) is the first monograph of one of the most significant and talented young artists coming from the international graffiti street art movement. Alxones original style has earned him the respect of both the international graffiti movement and the contemporary art world. This volume presents his work from 2004 through 2006 including paintings on canvas, drawings, ephemeral wall paintings and a bi-lingual interview by Gregory Decock where Alxone reveals the origins, inspiration, and development of his art.