Vittorio Sella : Mountain Photographs 1879-1909

Vittorio Sella : Mountain Photographs 1879-1909

Book Title: Vittorio Sella : Mountain Photographs 1879-1909

Author: Aerin Lauder

Format: Hardback | 240 pages

Publication Date: 05 Feb 2015

ISBN-13: 9789089896193

Vittorio Sella is still considered to be one of the best mountain photographers. His photos have both an historical and artistic value, and are popular with mountaineers. Many of the mountains he climbed had never been photographed before and are used as a reference to detect the melting of glacier ice, as well as being an intriguing black and white document of mountains and mountain people. The volume, realised in close collaboration with the Sella Foundation, gathers the photos taken by legendary Vittorio Sella at the turn of the last century while on expeditions to the world's highest mountaintops. In the words of Ansel Adams, "Sella's strikingly elegant photographs revealed [the mountains] in all their sheer majesty." Even today climbers still use Sella's photographs to map out routes and to gain a fuller appreciation of the challenges that lie ahead. In addition to documenting important scientific expeditions, the photos have a considerable artistic value, recognised internationally; they are exhibited in the world's leading museums.